How It Works

VIN # is etched on windshield, rear window, and side windows

VINetcher Vehicle Demonstration

Each VINetcher kit includes everything you need to VIN etch your vehicle

Each Do-It-Yourself Kit Includes:

  1. Etching Stencils Customized For Your Vehicle
  2. Etching Cream
  3. Higly Visible Warning Decal(s)
  4. Insurance Discount Application Form
  5. National Vehicle Identification Program Enrollment Form
  6. Complete Instructions

Basic Instructions:

  1. Check stencils to make sure they match VIN exactly
  2. Peel each stencil from the backing VINetcher Step 1
  3. Place the shiny side of the stencil against glass (Gently press out any air bubbles that may be under stencil) VINetcher Step 2
  4. Apply etching cream to the numbers and letters printed on the stencil (For safety, wear gloves - included in VINetcher kit) VINetcher Step 3
  5. Leave etching cream on stencils for 10 minutes
  6. Afterwards, carefully peel stencil from the glass
  7. Wipe etched area clean with warm water and dry cloth
  8. Place 'Warning Decal' on window where instructed

That's it! You're done!

You have just significantly reduced the odds of your vehicle being stolen!

For maximum value, submit the insurance discount application form to your insurance agent and complete the National Vehicle Identification Program enrollment form.