Tip Alerts – How It Works

The Nation's Neighborhood Watch for Stolen Vehicles currently has tens of thousands of people on the lookout for vehicles that have been reported stolen to StolenCar.com. In addition to the tips that we receive from our registered tippers, we receive on a daily basis anonymous tips on stolen vehicles. These tips have lead to the recovery of scores of stolen vehicles. In order to facilitate the delivery of these tips to interested parties in real time we have developed the Tip Alerts program. Registered law enforcement personnel, insurance companies, and financial creditors are eligible to receive tips that come in to StolenCar.com.

Registering for Tip Alerts is quick and easy and entails no obligation from the registering party. Simply click on the registration link at the bottom of this page, provide your email and contact information, and select which Tip Alerts you would like to receive.

While you can choose to receive Tip Alerts on every single Tip that comes in to StolenCar.com, most Tip Alerts users prefer to restrict the Tips to a specific location (for example Southern California) or to specific Vehicle Identification Numbers that they want to track.

Insurance companies and financial creditors should not assume that law enforcement has received the same Tip Alert that they have, and should follow up with law enforcement about investigating the tip and recovering the vehicle(s).

Click here to register for Tip Alerts