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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR17121712498

Make Audi

Model A6

Year 2006

Exterior Color Silver

Interior Color Beige Leather

Type 4-Door

License State South Carolina

License Plate # KBU497

VIN # 24126

Last Seen

Date 12/14/2017

Street 2367 Taylor st, Columbia sc 29204

City, State Columbia sc, South Carolina

Zip Code 29204


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Owner’s Comment(s)

12/17/2017 2:47:00 AM
My car was stolen infront of the College Corner gas station at 6:30 pm on 2367 Tayor st. Columbia sc 29204. Down the road from the colleges of Benedict and Allen university. The car has a student decal sticker located on the right passenger corn in the backseat window. I also have a bright red portfolio located in the back seat as well. If you see this car please call me at 843-598-5843!! Or contact my cities police at 803-545-3500