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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR18050812648

Make Nissan

Model Altima

Year 1999

Exterior Color White

Interior Color Beige

Type 4-Door

License State Oregon

License Plate # 230 JPU

VIN # 08453

Last Seen

Date 5/1/2018

Street 47th

City, State Portland, Oregon

Zip Code 97236

NeighborhoodProvidence Hospital parking structure

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Owner’s Comment(s)

5/8/2018 11:32:57 PM
Car stolen from parking level E on the West end of the parking structure sometime between 2pm & 7pm on Tuesday, May 1st. Car has ignition bypass system in place, steering wheel and some interior accents painted red. Passenger head light damaged as well as side mirror. Missing hub cap from front passenger side tire. Windshield is moderately cracked spider webbing from passenger side to middle.