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Vehicle Description

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Report # SCR1108207777
Make Volvo
Model Turbo
Year 1982
Exterior Color Light Blue
Interior Color Dark Blue
Type 4-Door
License State New York
License Plate # PNT117
VIN # 98081

Last Seen

Date 8/20/2011
Street Atlantic Avenue
City, State Baldwin, New York
ZIP Code 11510
Neighborhood Baldwin Harbor

Owner's Comment(s)

8/20/2011 8:54:09 PM
My wife's 1982 Blue Volvo Turbo (technically a 244 DL with Turbo and a five-on-the-floor stick shift) was stolen between 9:00 PM Tuesday night (August 16, 2011) and 8:30 AM Wednesday morning (August 17, 2011) from the Under the Hood Car Repair Shop at 869 Atlantic Avenue in Baldwin, NY 11510. 516-867-2005. It needed a timing belt and the mechanics had just finished replacing it around 6:30 PM. Unfortunately, they left the key under one of the mats in the car, so the doors were unlocked. Although, whoever took the car might not have needed the key to start it.