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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR18020712549
Make Toyota
Model 4Runner
Year 1993
Exterior Color Grey
Interior Color Grey
Type SUV
License State New Mexico
License Plate # 714 SHL
VIN # 18804

Last Seen

Date 2/6/2018
Street Gibson Blvd SE
City, State Albuquerque, New Mexico
ZIP Code 87108
Neighborhood Parkland Hills

Owner's Comment(s)

2/7/2018 10:01:48 PM
Stolen from the east parking lot spot closest to Gibson at the Rancho del Cielo apartments. There are cameras at the apartment complex, but footage has not been released from the landlord.

2/7/2018 11:10:11 PM
Military stickers on the back windshield. Yellow military sticker in upper right corner of back windshield. "Coexist" guns sticker on back windshield.

2/8/2018 12:24:47 AM
**UPDATE**: Video of guy taking his truck. If you recognize him, please call 242-COPS: