's Tip Alerts Program - How It Works for Insurance Agents

The Nation's Neighborhood Watch for Stolen Vehicles currently has tens of thousands of people on the lookout for vehicles that have been reported stolen to These Tippers. Provide information on the location of vehicle registered in our program. In order to facilitate the delivery of these tips to your insurance company in real time we have developed the Tip Alerts program. Participating Insurance Agents and insurance companies are eligible to receive tips on their policy holders� vehicles that come in to

Signing up for Tip Alerts is quick and easy and entails no obligation from the insurer. If you are not a member already simply click on the registration link at the bottom of this page, provide your email and contact information, and select which Tip Alerts you would like to receive. Your membership will be confirmed within 24-hours and your Tip Alerts will become active immediately.

When you receive a Tip Alert on one of your insured vehicles you should not assume that law enforcement has received this same information. While it is likely that they have you will want to follow up with them to make sure that recovery of the vehicle has been put in motion.

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