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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR1101057401
Make Ferrari
Model Testarossa
Year 1963
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Light Brown
Type 2-Door
License State Georgia
License Plate # TR-1330LM
VIN # M4619

Last Seen

Date 3/18/1977
ZIP Code 30342
Neighborhood DEKALB COUNTY

Owner's Comment(s)

1/5/2011 1:35:09 PM
THEFT REPORT - Dated: March 18, 1977 Report made by Donald W.Y. Fong (Ferrari service where the vehicle was stored) Vehicle Owner/Victim: IVARS BLUMENAU, Theft Report: #QGJ828649 Report: Dakalb County Police Department - Inv. S.O. KELLY #958 Make of Vehicle : Ferrari Model: 330LMB MFG Year: 1963 Style: Coupe 2 door Color: Red Chassis/Manufacturers Identification Number: #4619 ( 330LM4619 ) was also listed in error in the report as "VIN: TR1330LM" as this was the number plate affixed to the nose of the vehicle and was mistakenly used to identify the vehicle in the report. It was later corrected in supplimental report March 23, 1977 as "Manufacturer's Identification Number: #4619. The title also corrsponds to the error listing the Manufacturer's I.D. Number: 1330LM and has been corrected to correspond consistant with the complete VIN "330LM4619". The vehicle was originally titled in Georgia, issued 11/12/75 Title No. 9275833 Owner's Name: BLUMENAU, IVARS Address Listed: 4462 Blackland Dr., Marietta, GA 30060 ( The correct MFG Number: 330LM4619 ) The vehicle was not insured and has not been recovered since the date of theft. The owner/victim has continued efforts to locate/recover property/vehicle. Contact Source for information and further supporting documents: Mark Daniels (561)722-5561