Here is how it works:

  1. Victims of auto-theft submit their vehicle information to
  2. Email and text alerts are broadcast to registered users in the area where the vehicle was stolen.
  3. Social media is leveraged to get word out to people in the area to look for the missing vehicle.
  4. Vehicle information also populates geographically relevant hot sheets on the smartphone app.
  5. Registered users keep an eye out for the stolen vehicle, and report its location to local law enforcement. They also register the tip on either the website or through this smartphone app. This makes them eligible to receive a generous cash and non-cash reward for their assistance in recovering the vehicle.
  6. Registered users can also take photos of license plates which will be cross referenced against databases of missing vehicles. When a match occurs between a submitted license plate and one in any of our vehicle of interest databases, law enforcement is alerted so the vehicle can be recovered.
  7. When a matched vehicle is recovered, a generous cash and non-cash prize is awarded to the owner of the phone that took the image.

PLEASE NOTE: Users are required to use EXTREME CAUTION AND CARE in acquiring any identification information about a vehicle. A photo of the vehicle's license plate can be taken from a distance and in a non-obvious manner. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN ANY RISK. DO NOT CONFRONT ANYONE ABOUT POSSESSION OF THE VEHICLE. Simply report the vehicle's location to local law enforcement and record your tip at Users agree to not hold AssetGuard LLC liable for any damages incurred in the use of the app or reporting of vehicles.

In addition to being able to use this app to photograph images of license plates, you can use it to barcode read Vehicle IDstickers when they are present on the vehicle. These decals are registered in the National Vehicle Identification Program's database (, and the ownership of the vehicle can be determined through the unique Vehicle IDsticker code.

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