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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR20022114352

Make Chrysler

Model Aspen/suv

Year 2008

Exterior Color Maroon

Interior Color Off White/Cream

Type SUV

License State California

License Plate # 6SVS244

VIN # 05003

Last Seen

Date 2/19/2020

Street 2108 Dale St

City, State Hawthorn St, California

Zip Code 92104

NeighborhoodSouth Park

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Owner’s Comment(s)

2/21/2020 9:06:05 PM
Justin Andrew Kelly from Tennessee is desperate. He was loaned the money to purchase the vehicle and never made an payments so he willfully signed it back over to the lien holder. he has the car on Craigslist now and he has told us he already sold it for $2500 and flew back to tennessee. This guy is a sweet talker.