Vehicle Image

Vehicle Description

Report # SCR19010213068

Make Subaru

Model Impreza

Year 1998

Exterior Color Dark Green

Interior Color Grey

Type Hatchback

License State Oregon

License Plate # 663AQB

VIN # 00410

Last Seen

Date 12/29/2018

Street Powell

City, State Portland , Oregon

Zip Code 96202

NeighborhoodSE portland

Owner’s Comment(s)

1/2/2019 7:33:11 PM
Taken from Motel6 from David Makasini other interests are Staci parr and her husband Vince. Possible locations are JOHNSON creek, Lents and 130th Powell . Police won’t list as stolen due to me possibly knowing person who stole it. Please help. It’s green with black bottom.