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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR22070416328

Make Nissan

Model Rogue

Year 2018

Exterior Color Dark Gray

Interior Color black and grey

Type SUV

License State Kentucky

License Plate # ANH193

VIN # 14047

Last Seen

Date 6/30/2022

Street 428 Bentley rd

City, State east bernstadt, Kentucky

Zip Code 40729

Neighborhoodin driveway

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Owner’s Comment(s)

7/4/2022 3:15:42 AM
The car was seen around 3am on the back of a white rollback truck leaving the street

7/4/2022 3:36:54 AM
The bumper guard on the back passenger side of the vehicle has damage to it due to a wreck. It is busted

7/5/2022 3:46:37 AM
It was seen on a roll back heading to Memphis Tn