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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR21091015634

Make Honda

Model Civic

Year 2017

Exterior Color Grey

Interior Color Black

Type 4-Door

License State Tennessee

License Plate # QA6QCVA

VIN # 14104

Last Seen

Date 9/6/2021

Street 420 Elysian Fields Rd

City, State Nashville, Tennessee

Zip Code 37204


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Owner’s Comment(s)

9/10/2021 7:19:11 PM
last seen 9pm, on 9/6/2021

9/10/2021 7:30:37 PM
BLACK INTERIOR!! there is a white sticker of a French bulldog on the left bottom corner of the back windshield. tinted windows throughout and a sun shade strip on front windshield. Small spider crack due to debris that hit my front windshield as well on passenger side.