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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR19080313652

Make Toyota

Model Highlander

Year 2018

Exterior Color Blue

Interior Color Grey

Type SUV

License State Ohio

License Plate # HMX1974

VIN # 00456

Last Seen

Date 7/29/2019

Street Elton Ave.

City, State Cleveland, Ohio

Zip Code 44102


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Owner’s Comment(s)

8/3/2019 2:31:27 PM
Seen on Elton Ave, 44102 on 7/29/2019 by resident at approx 6 am Also seen on 7/29 approx 3:30 pm on 7/29 and involved in a felonious assault on Elton . Stolen Apple I phone pinging to 7712 Elton ave from 7/28 to 7/30 phone pinging to West 23rd in old Brooklyn on 7/31 . Phone has been reported lost and locked since 7/31