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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR18082112775

Make Toyota

Model Camry

Year 2007

Exterior Color Grey

Interior Color Grey

Type 4-Door

License State New York

License Plate # FIND X

VIN # 10805

Last Seen

Date 8/10/2018

Street 413 East 178th Street

City, State Bronx, New York

Zip Code 10033


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Owner’s Comment(s)

8/21/2018 12:18:40 AM
Plates were not stolen just the car. The car has mold on the passenger seat and is considered a salvage vehicle, the car has VIN etching on windows and burned on college stickers on the back window; College of Mount Saint Vincent. Has old Cory Booker sticker in the back window and ING Direct sticker as well. Missing rearview mirror and shift knob as well as front emblem.