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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR18071912731

Make Dodge

Model RAM truck of some sort

Year 1996

Exterior Color Silver

Interior Color Tan

Type Pickup

License State North Carolina

License Plate # A447CV

VIN # 70952

Last Seen

Date 7/18/2018

Street 388 S Asbury Church Rd

City, State Washington, North Carolina

Zip Code 27889

NeighborhoodAsbury Church Road

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Owner’s Comment(s)

7/19/2018 8:02:04 AM
Truck was parked in our driveway. We are beekeepers and had been harvesting honey. Keys had been left in truck. Truck was stolen some time in the very late evening of the 18th or early morning of the 19th. Police were alerted on 19th as soon as the truck was missed. We have never had a theft in our area in thirty years of living here. Yet, drug selling/comsumption activity is common in mobile home parks nearby.