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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR18070712712

Make Toyota

Model RAV4

Year 2010

Exterior Color Red

Interior Color Beige

Type SUV

License State Louisiana

License Plate # WOD500

VIN # 26058

Last Seen

Date 7/6/2018

Street 3018 Baudin Street

City, State New Orleans, Louisiana

Zip Code 70119

NeighborhoodMid City

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Owner’s Comment(s)

7/7/2018 10:21:16 AM
Vehicle was stolen from in front of my home. There's street parking only. It was taken some time between 5:30 pm 7/06/2018 and 2:30 am 7/07/2018. Police report was filed as 5 am w/Officer J. Winkler.