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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR17072912343
Make Plymouth
Model Neon
Year 1996
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Charcoal
Type 2-Door
License State Colorado
License Plate # 393RPZ
VIN # 05491

Last Seen

Date 7/29/2017
Street 1710 Lorraine st
City, State Colorado Springs , Colorado
ZIP Code 80905
Neighborhood Ivywild

Owner's Comment(s)

7/29/2017 2:40:36 PM
Car was stolen at 1710 Lorain St. apartment B4 stolen about July 21 11:00 PM to July 22 early morning license plates were (honorably discharged veteran plates ) thief was described as White male 6 foot three,very skinny short / bald hair . Get away vehicle was a 2001 Buick Century faded paint -dark blue